About Enroll In Your Life

Hi there!  My name is Kevin Kilgarriff.  I’m a writer, husband, father, and a student of life!  I’ve spent about 15 years working various sides of the recruitment industry, mainly because I feel a need in my life to help people in their lives.  And during that time I’ve come across numerous universal truths.  The most prominent being…Sometimes Life Sucks!

There, I said it.  Sometimes life blows more than working retail at the holidays.  Or sometimes life sucks because you’re working retail at the holidays!   Since the dawn of man, people have been trying to find ways to make it suck less.   Back when Grog and Bleck, who were of course two of the most famous cavemen pioneers, discovered how to harness the powers of fire, the lives of all cavemen and cavewomen were made infinitely better.  Then man invented the wheel, and life sucked a lot less.  Before anyone could bat an eyelash, the Internet was invented and we were spending our time surfing the web trying to find ways that other people already invented to make life suck less.

It makes sense.  We don’t have to go out and forage for food.  We aren’t running from predators and life expectancy is at an all-time high.  In short, we’ve got a lot more time on our hands and we’re getting bored.   As a result, we feel like we need more excitement in our lives.  And with good reason!

Status Quo is a term that no one should feel comfortable with.   But in more recent years, we’ve become lazy about finding that excitement.  Unlike our hunched over predecessors, we aren’t going out to find ways to make our lives better.  Instead we’re sitting in a library, or a book store, or at the computer, and we’re reading everything we can get our hands on about how to improve ourselves.  But the problem is that there’s too much information!  We’ve paralyzed ourselves with all of the information that’s available and we’ve forgotten how to live.

That’s why this blog exists!  I started Enroll In Your Life to remind us that if we want to improve our lives, we don’t need to get lost in mounds and mounds of information.  We don’t need to bury our head in dozens of books.  We don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars enrolling in classes at the local university.  We need to enroll in our own lives!   We need to go out and live and experience what life has to offer.    What good is a life lesson from a book if all you’re doing is putting that book down just to pick up another?  Get out there and put what you know to practice.  Go to a party.  Take a walk through the woods.  Join a social club.  Play some sports.  Do something to get out there and interact with people and live your life!  The four walls of your house are pretty poor company.  If you rely on them to change your life, you’re going to be met with some pretty poor results…trust me.

That’s not to say that there is no room for self-help books and courses.  I think they can be extremely helpful and in some case absolutely necessary.  Sometimes it’s very hard to get out of a rut without some outside influence.   Personally, Tony Robbin’s recordings helped give me motivation at numerous points in my life.  And I have enough self-help books on my shelf to open my own book store.  I’ve been there!  But I reached a point when reading one more book was going to be pointless.  I was missing out on life.  Which I realized sucked more than anything else that I had experienced in the past.  Although I did spend a few years working retail at the holidays.   Soooo…  Well let’s just say I knew it was time to get out and just live!

It’s time for you to do the same.  Your life experiences are the best classes available.  Get out there and start learning.  Put a smile on your face and maybe even do something to put a smile on someone else’s.  Look people in the eyes and interact with them.  Make some friends.  Have people over your house for a Godfather marathon.  Help make someone’s day better, which I can tell you is one of the best ways to bring meaning to your life.   Live your life!

And yes, I realize how ironic it is that I’m giving you advice to get out and live your life, and yet here I am writing a blog that would put you back in front of your computer.   So I’m telling you to instead consider this blog a study guide…not the textbook.  Refer to it whenever you’d like for inspiration or to remind yourself of a life that you may have forgotten.  There won’t be a test…at least not one given by me.  But life is a test.  So you may as well cram a little before taking it.

But no matter how you choose to prepare for the lessons you’ll experience in life, you need to choose to enroll first!  So get out there and Enroll in Your Life!


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