Video Gallery

Motivational Movie Clips and Music Videos

Have you ever had just the right song play at just the right time?  Do you ever feel so confident walking into a room that you feel like a certain song should be playing as you march in?  Or perhaps a moment reminds you of a scene you saw in a movie, and so obviously you have to quote it (and if your friends don’t get it, get new friends).  Our brains are wired to make these kinds of associations.  And music and movies are a part of everyone’s life.  In fact, sometimes a very important part!  They’re the soundtrack playing in the background of your very own movie, or maybe it even seems like they’re part of the script!

There are more than enough music videos and movie clips in the world to fill hole the size of Texas (ish).  But here’s a sampling of them that you might enjoy.  If you ask me, it’s a pretty kickass soundtrack to anyone’s life.

Armageddon: Leading up to liftoff, Harry and the crews of Freedom and Independence are loading onto the shuttles while the President addresses the world.

Badlands: If you’re going to have a video gallery, a Springsteen video has to be on there.  And it has to be live!

Gonna Fly Now: If you don’t get pumped up watching this scene from Rocky, then you need to reexamine your life choices.

Eye of the Tiger- The beret that the lead singer of Survivor where’s in this video makes it worth including here.

Lose Yourself: Eminem brings it in this song off the 8 Mile soundtrack.  Gets me moving whenever I need a jump.

Independence Day: Is it possible to watch this clip and not be ready to hop in a jet fighter to fly off and fight an alien race?  I think not.

It’s My Life: I used Bon Jovi’s hit in an earlier post HERE, and it’s worth showing the video here again.  The message is as true as any you’ll ever hear.

Man in the Mirror: What list would be complete without a video from MJ?  Ok, well a lot of lists…But still!  When you watch this video there is a good chance that you’ll feel appreciation for what you have, and maybe even feel a need to help others.

Chariots of Fire: I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this movie, and I’ve never wanted to see the movie.  And I’m willing to bet that the same goes for you.  But whodoesn’t know this song and feel something while listening to it?

Vacation Version: And who doesn’t think of this scene before they think of the actualAcademy Award winning movie?  “Sorry, folks!  Parks closed.  Moose outside should’ve told ya’”

The Climb: Before she was swinging naked on wrecking balls and dry humping Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus was a clean-cut teenager making music videos with her clothes on.

Don’t Stop Believin’: It’s better without the ‘g’.  But it’s also better with Steve Perry singing and not the Journey imposter they have out there now.

Sabotage: Bangin’ guitars and screamin’ lyrics.  One of the best music videos ever to be seen on MTV…back when people cared about MTV.  R.I.P. Cochese.

Miracle on Ice: This is the footage from the actual game, not the movie (Miracle).  USA Hockey defeating the seemingly unbeatable Soviet team.  I get chills every, single time I watch this. 

Miracle – Again, Again, Again: And while we’re at it, this scene from the movie Miraclebrings on the chills as well.  Rumor has it that it didn’t quite happen exactly like this.  But it’s an amazing scene all the same.



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